• Plumbing Jenga January 27, 2015
    Who wants to go first? Image: (
    Nick Ostrowski
  • Winterized January 27, 2015
    The realtor said the house was winterized but it didn't look like anything was done except the main water shut-off valved turned OFF in the basement. I tried the kitchen sink faucet and water ran out. Not a pressurized flow but water that was still in the pipes and never drained. I explained the way a house is typically winterized and the realtor said t […]
    Nick Ostrowski
  • Grout haze on new tile January 27, 2015
    A friend, whom I help with projects, just had new tile laid throughout the house. There is grout dust everywhere and grout on the tiles. We have tried to vacuum and mop but there is still a haze and grout where it does not belong. We have been on our hands an knees for 3 days. There has got to be a better way. Any ideas?
    Julianne Rudisell
  • Lightening Ladder Collection January 27, 2015
    I am losing the following ladders. I simply have too many and must make room in my garage. All are in great condition, except the Little Giant with wheels which has never been used. If you are in the DFW area and are interested, send me an email at . These are going on Craig's List this time next week. Jaws JLT 26, 375 lb. capac […]
    Aaron Miller
  • NEW TYPE OF DECK SUPPORTS January 27, 2015
    GUYS 1968 mounting home in boulder co--$1,000,000 price tag--the decks and upper levels were built in 1998--permits pulled but dn't know if finaled and inspected--what if the rocks move--writing it up to have a structural engineer give it a look--never saw this before--wht do you think cvf