• flexible drain line under bath sink. April 28, 2016
    Can anyone give me the code and verbiage on smooth wall drain lines under bathroom sinks. I called out the handyman flexible drain line and the agent wants me to supply the code to back it up. Thanks Mike Richards
    Mike Richards
  • New Review/Testimonial program April 27, 2016
    I ( am testing a new service that allows you to get video, audio and written reviews from a phone app. You can also leave text reviews from the website. Each review is then indexed on search engines and can be shared on social media sites. If you are one of my SendOutCards/InspectionReferral customers and would like t […]
    Brian Hannigan
  • Rheem Furnace date??? April 27, 2016
    I have looked all over for a date of this furnace. I know on Rheem's the date typically follows the letter "F". Here is the serial # C7D130423601. I was thinking it was the 36th week of 2001???
    Thomas Walker
  • Just for fun ---- saw this on an inspection yesterday April 26, 2016
    Attachment 32653 ( Saw this on a new construction inspection in a brand new subdivision. Hope they don't want to get cable service. Built the fence right over the top of the box. Just surprised they didn't trim the boards to fit it exactly to the shape of the top of the […]
    Steven Tennison
  • Distance from grade to plaster or screed on exterior of home in San Diego, CA April 26, 2016
    How many inches does the plaster screed or plaster if no screed have to be from grade on the exterior of a home in Carlsbad, CA? 2", 4" or what is the correct distance?
    Loren Sanders Sr