• Gable vent between attic separation October 30, 2014
    I can't find anything on this condition. Half of the gable vent is visible at either side of the attic partition wall in a town home. Only thing I can find references interior penetrations of the separation wall itself. Defect?
    John Mika
  • Louvered door for electric furnace October 30, 2014
    I know a gas furnace in a closet would need to have louvered door but does an electric need louvered door as well? Attachment 31096 (
    Cory Bates
  • Replacing roof-can I keep the existing drip edge? October 29, 2014
    Good afternoon, I am going to be replacing my roof and wondered if it is acceptable to keep the existing drip edge? It is in decent shape. The roof is from 2006 but we had a windstorm so some of the shingles blew off. We cannot find a drip edge that will match the existing fascia so that is why we are thinking just keep what is already there. Please give me […]
    Catherine Newberry
  • new guy October 29, 2014
    Hi everybody !
    Peter Ehrenreich
  • Cost for roof coating October 29, 2014
    I have a need to determine the cost for recoating built-up asphalt roofing with a typical roof coating (say fibrated aluminum). The roof is two-story flat in Philadelphia and is about 750 sf. I have several cost estimating books, but they never seem to have what I am looking for, or have prices that do not seem realistic. I'm thinking maybe $1.00/sf. I […]
    Mark Reinmiller