• Oops....oops again....oh boy....there's another....whoops again..... March 3, 2015
    Brand new construction. It looks like somebody drilled these holes to route the water line for the sprinkler system. 18 ceiling joist drilled this way and not in a straight line either. Every hole they drilled was well less than 2 inches from the bottom of the joists with some being being cut within 1/4" or less of the joists. Their repair was to nail a […]
    Nick Ostrowski
  • AC Condensate Line Blowing Cold Air Through Sink? March 3, 2015
    Hi Everyone, I've researched this as much as I can find online, but am still not 100% clear on if my AC condensate drain is properly installed. Hopefully you can help! I just bought a new home that is 4 stories and has the AC unit located outside the attic on the 4th floor. A thick insulated line from the AC unit runs inside the house and to what I beli […]
  • AC Condensate Line Blowing Cold Air Into Sink? March 3, 2015
    Wrong Section. Sorry about that. I have moved it appropriately I believe.
  • Industrious Reports software March 3, 2015
    Is anyone using Industrious Reports reporting software. I'm looking at possibly purchasing it. What are your thought, pros, cons? Thanks.
    Russell Mcgillivray
  • Flexible gas connector in contact with flame March 3, 2015
    On a recent inspection I called out further review for the above title. I searched past posts but could not find specific documentation. A licensed plumber […]
    Chris Stichter