• required sediment/drip leg on CSST tubing February 12, 2016
    guys is a sediment/drip leg still required on furnace and water heater installation thanks cvf
  • When inspecting new homes, what are the 5 most common issues? February 12, 2016
    What do you experience in the field when inspecting new homes? Are the homes complete? (except during the winter when exterior grading and seeding might be deferred.) Are the homes clean? Are the homes ready for the move-in? What are the biggest concerns of the new home buyer? What do you see that you feel should be caught by the building inspectors? Please […]
    John C Hansen, LEED AP
  • Shared Return February 11, 2016
    Today's house had two pretty new Carrier single speed furnaces. Both furnaces shared a 20" x 30" return duct and filter. One furnace was heating the upper level of the house, and the other was heating the lower level. They are controlled by separate thermostats. I have not come across this before. We talked about the consequences of not having […]
    Jim Robinson
  • Ventless fireplace and firestopping the attic February 11, 2016
    Hello all, While in the attic today, I could see all the way into the void behind the ventless heater. Normally, I write the lack of firestopping especially when there is a prefabricated fireplace unit and chimney. However, the installation instructions for this unit were on site and did NOT say a word about blocking off the void to prevent fire extension in […]
    JB Thompson
  • What should I expect to budget for Marketing costs? February 11, 2016
    What would be a normal, or typical cost for marketing. I am looking for guidance in preparing my operating budget. Assuming a metro area (not rural). Assuming the typical methods used today such as a website (any others?) Assuming membership in one or two trade associations Assuming membership in one or more referral websites NOT INCLUDING the time to make c […]
    John C Hansen, LEED AP