• green nm cable August 4, 2015
    1971 modular today with phelps dodge nm cable, green in color. only markings were pd-k or pd-x, then 12/2 nm . any idea those markings mean? Sidney alstad
    sidney alstad
  • exterior gas water heater August 3, 2015
    I see a lot of issues with having gas water heaters inside a home. Today, this one was installed outside, no cabinet. It's a newer one with the sealed bottom at the burner area. Please help me find info on water heaters needing a closet - beside the common sense part of it. The data plate stickers are worn, can't tell the age. Thanks!Attachment 320 […]
    Dave Hill
  • Saturday Cartoon for 8/1/15 August 3, 2015
    Anyone remember "Day of the Triffids"? Attachment 32004 (
    Welmoed Sisson
  • Composite decking August 3, 2015
    Is anyone aware of a recall of this product. I thought I had seen a recall notice on this but I can't find it. It's the old type and appears to have a lot more sawdust in the mix and less plastics. The top is all deteriorated, flaking off and very porous. Thanks! :confused:
    Tom Rees
  • Garage door anti entrapment demonstrations August 2, 2015
    A caveat; I am sure that the guys in the videos fully adjusted and tested the door operation and all hardware before they stuck out their shoulders. This is not the correct way to test a door operator for entrapment *… other words _do not do this_! ! Also note that the travel must be adjusted as does the force, else there still could be entrapment with i […]
    Garry Sorrells