• EPA Does Not Have a Mold Awareness Month October 21, 2014
    The Chicago Tribune printed an article by journalist, Alan J. Heavens, a syndicated columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, stating that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared September as National Mold Awareness month. This is patently false. This hoax appeared in not just a single article but all over the Internet. Other statements were al […]
    Mike Lamb
  • OIG was in Town. October 20, 2014
    Locale News Story 86 percent of inspected Memphis housing units fail quality requi - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee (
    Billy Stephens
  • FHA-203K--What is it anyway? October 20, 2014
    It's May 2010, and Tony and Monica have decided to purchase a home. It's their first house, so they selected a home in a modest neighborhood, right on the edge of the city. But, the home shows signs of age and poor maintenance on the part of the current owner. This seller doesn't have the money to make the needed repairs in order to have the h […]
    Samantha Ross
  • Cricket needed? October 20, 2014
    There were two identical wood framed chimneys on this 25 yr old home that were over 60" in width and without chimney rickets. There was minimal flashing (about 4") running under the vinyl siding as well. The roof was about 5 years old.There was no visible water damage around the gas fireplaces inside. Located in a very wet, rainy climate of Vancouv […]
    Paul Friesen
  • Hello Everyone! October 20, 2014
    Hello All!:) I just wanted to put a post up introducing myself and the company I'm a part of. My name is Samantha Ross, and I work as the Operations and Events Manager for Catherine Hall Unlimited, the creator of the 203k-in-a-box program. I just recently returned from the 2014 Inspector's Convention in fabulous Las Vegas where I met the wonderful […]
    Samantha Ross