• Free Gift From Nicky G September 2, 2014
    Just came in the mail for me in a priority envelope. They must like me. FYI - I am not a member. Must be a membership drive. Image: (
    Nick Ostrowski
  • New issue with AFCI breakers tripping September 1, 2014
    We installed new ceiling fans 3 months ago. Sometime in the past 2 days the AFCI breaker started tripping when any of the switches were turned on. If all switches are off the breaker stays on. turn any of them on and it pops. I tested each of the 5 lights, each trips the breaker. its the breaker bad?
    Eric S
  • Moisture consultant September 1, 2014
    I picked up a moisture consultant on Friday; was wondering what fair compensation would be?
    Vern Heiler
  • New to Inspection News August 31, 2014
    Hello all, My name is Jeff and I just found this forum. I dabble in Real Estate and have also been looking into franchising opportunities including one called Pillar to Post home inspections, which lead me to this forum for some due diligence. This looks like a good place for a total newbie to learn about the biz. Thanks and I'll see ya around!
    Jeff Burns
  • grounding of panel August 30, 2014
    I found this bond bar removed. Bare grounds were on one side of the panel and the white wires on the other side. Is this an acceptable practice? Attachment 30878 ( 30879 ( […]
    cory nystul