• Chimney Jack Introduction April 20, 2015
    Hi fellow inspectors. This is Jack King in Los Angeles. My company, King Fireplace has been inspecting and repairing chimneys in L.A. County for 30+ years. Your chimney-related questions are welcome...and I still have a few of my own. :)
    Jack King
  • One of those days April 20, 2015
    Ever have one of those days where you cannot figure out if you are brain dead or just incredibly creative? After sending out a large report on a 12,770 square foot house to the clients and attorney I for some reason revisited the report to find that I created a new construction term. The word is *_"gitters" _* I used it like this; The perimeter_ gi […]
  • Are EATON breakers compatible with MURRAY panel? April 19, 2015
    I'm a home owner and have no background in electronics. We are in a situation where our contractor installed the EATON breakers with MURRAY panel. Now the city inspector is asking for the documentation about their compatibility. I would hate to spend more money to redo everything. Any pointers?
  • HI needed in Bunnell, FL and trades contractors April 16, 2015
    I guess my inquiry didn't post here yesterday, so I apologize if it went somewhere else in this forum. Anyway, due to family obligations we are moving to sunny Florida! We found a great place in Bunnell that we are up for the challenge to bring it back to it's original, and better, splendor. It is a foreclosure and has been empty for a year. We hav […]
    JC Warner
  • AHIT or ICA April 15, 2015
    I plan on getting my pre-exam training online. Due to the lack of classes in my area. I also plan to shadow a home inspector during my online training. (If I can find one that is willing... I may have to pay) I see lots of benefit in hands on training. Here is the question. Does anyone know or have experience with the following training programs? One is doub […]
    Jacob Schwegel