• Water Main Material Composition July 30, 2014
    Can someone identify the material composition of the main incoming water supply pipe (red) in this photo for me (i.e. steel, cast iron, etc.). Image: (
    Andrew Kolar
  • Ground wire from meter can to main panel box July 30, 2014
    Easy question but still learning. Scenario: Typical meter box on exterior with main panel just opposite on interior of garage connected via PVC conduit. Often I see a bare ground wire from the meter to the main panel and sometimes not. I'm assuming that the neutral is acting as the ground when no ground wire but why sometimes a ground wire and sometimes […]
    mark petty
  • Snyder General Furnace Manufacture Date July 29, 2014
    Snyder General Gas Furnace Model DGHA 100 A016 BIN Ser.# 0243207 - P46 - 0054 Anyone know the manufacture date?
    Chris Skoczylas
  • If you were purchasing a house in Phoenix... July 29, 2014
    ...who would you choose for a home inspector - anyone know a Jerry Peck clone, or look-a-like, in the Phoenix area? He doesn't necessarily have to charge as much, or drive a camper/van.
    Al Roden
  • Piping for oil tank July 28, 2014
    I meant to check this piping with a magnet, but forgot. I originally thought it was copper, but then looked closer and it appeared to be steel tubing. My question relates to the joints. Copper was permitted for use in oil tank fill or vent pipes if the joints were brazed. Can anyone tell from the photo whether this is a brazed joint. If the pipe is steel the […]
    Mark Reinmiller