• Copper supply bonding July 22, 2014
    Kind of a Florida question where most homes are on slabs. I was hoping I could get a discussion going on bonding the copper or galvanized supply piping to the electrical system. On most homes; I usually find it at the water heater but on some I do not and can't find it elsewhere. If I can't locate it; I just make a note and recommend electrician co […]
    mark petty
  • Refrigerator advice needed July 22, 2014
    This is about my own fridge. It's an old-ish Amana, nothing special, and lately it's started making a loud humming noise. I can get it to stop by giving it a good thump, but that's only temporary. I was in denial until this evening when preparing tacos. The cilantro I tossed in the bottom of the fridge this morning came out frosty/frozen. The […]
    John Arnold
  • "Mystery Noise" may be solved July 22, 2014
    Don't know if anyone had seen this story. I remembered reading a thread about a mystery noise someone was experiencing that was driving them batty, and thought this was interesting.:D Humming toadfish's love life may have solved a mystery - : ( […]
    CD Cameron
  • New Member July 22, 2014
    Greetings all I have been self employed since 1997 as a licensed Low Voltage contractor in Georgia and a Home Inspector. Member of InterNACHI. I have visited your site a few times and find it very informative, thanks to all who contribute.
    Roger Bousselot
  • Outdoor wood burning FP with B-vert liner but no cap July 20, 2014
    Curious...builder's Super is telling me no cap is required for this outdoor FP meant to burn solid fuel. Claims a cap makes it soot-up too much. Doubting he's correct, need more to go on.
    Dave Hahn