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  • Noise from main AC drain below bathroom sink May 24, 2016
    In the southern USA, where HVAC units are commonly installed in the attic, the primary condensation drain is often connected to a bathroom sink drain (see diagram). Many times this produces a noisy drain. The noise is often described as "gurgling" or "wind noise". Does anyone have any first-hand experience on how this noisy drain issue ca […]
    Gene South
  • Unfamiliar break. May 21, 2016
    Require help identifying and unusual break. Panel Manufacturer & model. Square D QO402MC. Can anybody identify the manufacturer of this breaker or provide me with further information. Thanks in advance. Attachment 32708 (
  • Pressure-Blocked Joists May 20, 2016
    Does anyone know if pressure-blocking is still allowed? I just ran into a (mostly) nicely constructed home addition in which, much to my surprise, some of the floor joists under an addition were pressure-blocked. I am probably going to recommend the use of hangers, but it got me thinking; I haven't seen these in anything built more recently than the […]
    Gunnar Alquist
    I posted a similar thread a while back but this bears repeating as I am seeing this more and more during the rush of construction that is occurring in the Dallas area. Damage from acid being blown by the wind into the AC condensers.* This is the text I put in my report: "Both outside AC condenser units have corrosive damage from contact with an unknown […]
    Gene South
  • Fun with spammers May 18, 2016
    Having fun with the text spammers. Of course, this is no disrespect to anyone who has had or survived cancer. Also, most importantly....remember the number. Attachment 32700 (
    Matt Shapiro