• Back of concrete steps is bright white? Normal or possibly asbestos? May 28, 2015
    Hi all, the front concrete steps to my house (built 1949) connects to the joists in our basement. You can see the back of the concrete steps through the basement. The concrete has started to crumble very slowly as I found a small pile of dust sitting on the sill plate. Would concrete that hasn't been exposed to the elements be a brighter white, or is th […]
    matt wicson
  • What is this insulation in attic May 28, 2015
    The house was built 20 years ago. This is attic insulation. Could you please help me for what this is? Thank you for your help. Attachment 31825 ( Attachment 31826 ( […]
    Terry Choi
  • A/C Installed with no permit May 27, 2015
    I found out that the a/c in a home I am purchasing was installed by the seller without a permit. It seems to work fine per the inspection But is there a way to get it inspected and show installation was up to code?
    sel wel
  • Temperature differential on A/C High May 27, 2015
    This was something that was listed in my inspection report. See attached image. At this point I am outside of the time frame for inspections. So cannot ask for an HVAC person to give me a estimate. Is this a major issue? The unit and ducts were noted as fine and that the air filter was dirty. Is there a huge probability that something will be very wrong with […]
    sel wel
  • Fireplace in a furnace May 27, 2015
    Williams heating company had this model in 2002, but no longer is willing to own up to it - no support, no parts, no manuals, no data, no comment. Does anybody have a manual on this? Model 3509622.0001 This type wall furnace has a glass front cover plate and some ceramic log lookalikes to resemble a fireplace fire. The glass is pitted and no longer aesthetic […]
    Chris Weekly