• New roof shows deflections/sagging April 18, 2014
    I recently just had a new roof installed on a home I just purchased in florida. Before I had it replaced it looked like the roof was leaking for many years so much so that mold was growing on the drywall roof visible inside the home. A total of 16 sheets were used to replace rotten wood when I had the new roof installed. It is a 2,018 sq. ft. home with a two […]
    Michael Fraioli
  • corner tape bunching April 18, 2014
    Hello all, Has anyone seen corner tape that appears to be bunching or buckling? I don't mean just poor tape job full of bubbles but more prominent surface bunching. Sorry no picture, uploading wasn't working for me, reduced picture pixels to "Web Small" but upload pathetically long, advice on upload appreciated as well.
    michael brown
  • Redneck roof job April 17, 2014
    Thought you might get a kick out of this.
    Frank Bombardiere
  • Is this a significant issue or did the blogger get it wrong? April 17, 2014
    The doubled up circuits I found in this panel were unique and potentially dangerous. Image: Many of the doubled connections were multi-wire circuits. This is where two individual circuits share one neutral or common wire. In order for a multi wire circuit to be safe, each circu […]
    Jim Abram
  • Titan water heater April 17, 2014
    Can someone advise me whether a pressure relief valve and extension are required on these electric tankless water heaters. I have never seen one but I am convinced one should be there. Thanks Jim