• I am so excited to be a part of Inspection News October 23, 2014
    Hello Everyone- that's what my Operations Manager Samantha Ross said in her introduction - but plagiarism is the highest form of flattery right? I want to say I am very happy and excited to be able to share my passion for FHA Consulting along with other forms of HUD sponsored opportunities for building consultants to grow their businesses. As the execut […]
    Catherine Hall
  • unique garage door- safe? October 23, 2014
    I inspected a 1960's home today, very well maintained (I don't say that very often). Unfortunately it also had lots of original stuff, eg furnace, ac, dishwasher, and overhead garage door. The overhead door torsion springs are on the ceiling near the opener, not on the front wall over the door. This looks funny, but I can't think of a reason i […]
    Randy West
  • sinlge wire in double pull breaker October 23, 2014
    Can you have a single wire in a double pull breaker? Attachment 31065 (
    cory nystul
  • TV remote sets off smoke detectors October 23, 2014
    Two year old factory-built 1680 sf home, moved in one piece and set on basement. When volume control is operated; smoke detectors are activated (sometimes). Two other homes from the same factory are set up in the same town with the same problem. Smoke detectors are on an arc fault breaker. Could there be some electronic interference causing this? I'm st […]
    Duane Nelson
  • Please help me welcome Samantha Ross! October 22, 2014
    It is with great pleasure that I introduce Samantha Ross and Catherine Hall of 203K in a Box as the sponsor of our "FHA, VA, HUD, Disaster Insurance Inspections" section. I have known Catherine for a long time and was able to spend some time with Samantha at the Vegas conference and had a great time getting to know her. I have asked that they post […]
    Brian Hannigan