• Fire damaged framing - 5 Replies October 30, 2014
    Does charred wood framing have a lower ignition point than that which is unharmed? I was in a house today with extensive fire damage to about 30% of the first floor framing. Date of construction approx. 150 yrs, date of fire damage unknown.
  • HI Artography - Blue - 6 Replies October 30, 2014
    Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_20141030234017_sig.jpg 92.28 KB
  • Romex and CSST NG line - 7 Replies October 30, 2014
    I am working on an older a house. I found that the wiring in general was less than professional. In the crawl space I see that the romex was zip tied to the csst line. I have no way to tell if the gas line if it is bonded and grounded. Would you call that out( I did) and how would you write it up....
  • Cirtex-u wiring - 5 Replies October 30, 2014
    This wire has a cirtex-u stamp on it. Not completely sure if the u designation allows for underground burial without an approved raceway. Also is there any plug ins that are designated for direct hook up like this. The name of the company who makes the plug in is hubbell. Couldn't find any litera...
  • Not my job! - 3 Replies October 29, 2014
    Dang framer put that joist right in the way.Well, he can come back and fix it after I'm done plumbing it.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...U059.jpg 35.59 KBI guess the plumber hadn't heard about sawzalls yet!
  • Stains on ceiling - 4 Replies October 28, 2014
    I was hired by a condominium management company to look at stains on the ceilings of two units. They are not water stains. The stains go all the way through the drywall. Some wood adjacent to the drywall is also stained, and a substance has dripped on some ductwork in the attic. The units had FR...
  • Lamorite Roof - 16 Replies October 27, 2014
    We designed a house about ten years ago ago and the builder installed a Tamko Lamorite synthetic slate roof. The Tamko roof has failed and the owner has asked for our assistance in specifying a replacement. Does anyone have experience with The Davinci Slate roof system? I need to pick a brain or...
  • Little Giant XE26 - 6 Replies October 26, 2014
    It's a crazy contraption but gets the job done.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/John Dirks Jr/tn/tn_20141026191827_P1010144.JPG 78.12 KB
  • Electric baseboards suitable for damp locations? - 7 Replies October 26, 2014
    1946 Colonial with a c1980 addition. This is a 3' electric baseboard heater stuffed between a shower and a toilet. This can't be kosher, can it?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...oads/tom raymond/tn/tn_20141026181453_IMG_20141025_101518091.jpg 12.34 KB
  • Odd antique drawers - 4 Replies October 25, 2014
    About 100 or so drawers, all open at the back.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c..._002.jpg 40.11 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c..._003.jpg 41.56 KBI can't figure what it wa...
  • Hoffman water heater - 3 Replies October 25, 2014
    Found an old one today at a flea market. Looked like a Rheem and maybe Rheem made it but Hoffman's name was on it.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c..._004.jpg 55.83 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...s/Mar...
  • Smoke alarm tool - 4 Replies October 24, 2014
    About $20 from smdetpole.com and ships from Texas. It's made in China.It measures 8 inches retracted and just over 60 inches extended. Fits easily in a tool pouch. I've found that if you extend it slightly in the right place, it fits perfectly in a screwdriver pocket.The tip is concave to...
  • Artography - At the Art Institute - 3 Replies October 23, 2014
    Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_201410241265_clown sig.jpg 41.41 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_201410241355_origin man sig.jpg 20.94 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.com...
  • Homeowner wiring 101 - 11 Replies October 23, 2014
    Gotta be a homeowner. Don't think any self respecting electrician would wire up an outdoor heating and cooling unit with one leg to a 15 amp single pole (center) and the other leg to a 20 amp single pole (right).Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...41023...
  • Artography - Sky Scraping - 8 Replies October 22, 2014
    Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_2014102219438_skyscaping sig.jpg 158.94 KB
  • How Common is This? - 24 Replies October 20, 2014
    Hello, all:The photo below shows some bracing to a chimney I inspected yesterday, and I'm wondering if this is a common sight, or if it might indicate some underlying condition.http://i81.photobucket.com/alb...0a82.jpg"]Yes, I know there are...
  • The EPA Does Not Have a Mold Awareness Month - 6 Replies October 19, 2014
    The Chicago Tribune printed an article by journalist, Alan J. Heavens, a syndicated columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, stating that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared September as National Mold Awareness month. This is patently false. This hoax appeared in not just a singl...
  • Ejector pump tank size? - 11 Replies October 18, 2014
    Ejector pump tank size?How big should the poop tank be for 4 full bathroms, 3500 Sq ft with a suite?The lid was loose, so i had to check out the piggy-back float valves.Viewer discretion is advised. Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/John Kogel/tn/tn_20141...
  • Why is this hose pulled off? - 22 Replies October 18, 2014
    I had occasion to inspect 2 homes about one block apart. Same age, same floor plans, same furnaces. Texas Furnace Co high efficiency gas furnaces dated 2006. Both have the condensate hose pulled off so that the drip is corroding the cabinet.Why would the HVAC dude do this? Or do these hoses blow...
  • WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwow! - 9 Replies October 17, 2014
    A friend of mine and his dingbat wife are trying to sell their old house they've been renting to a couple of her kids for around 4 years now.Anyway the place is pretty well trashed including the hvac system,so I gave his wife a bid for a new 90 plus furnace/coil/lineset/condenser and power vent wa...
  • Has Anyone Ever Seen A Roof Framed In This Manner? - 7 Replies October 15, 2014
    I have never observed a roof framed with other than rafters or engineered roof trusses - that is until yesterday.Yesterday I inspected a 1986 rural built home with roof framing that ran parallel to the home's load-bearing walls.Has anyone every observed a roof framed in this manner?Click...
  • Fan Control - 15 Replies October 14, 2014
    Installed in a 2005 Nordyne furnace in the blower compartment. Capacitor looks like a manufacture date of 2010. Was it installed here as a replacement? Does not look like factory install due to the zip tie. My primary concern is the exposed connections to 120V.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspect...
  • 1959 Radio schematic - 6 Replies October 14, 2014
    This was state of the art for an inexpensive table radio in 1959. AM and FM travel along the same path from the antenna to the rotary switch, where you select one or the other frequency to listen to. The Zenith C845 has an 8" speaker and a little tweeter and played well until something went south du...
  • Keys - 5 Replies October 11, 2014
    Anyone got any personal experience with the Kwikset SmartKey or the Schlage SecureKey? I've read all the lock pickers sites, the allegations of easy lock bumping and that stuff, but I'm looking for anyone that's worked with the stuff.
  • Spiders - 1 Replies October 10, 2014
  • Help with ID of screws in kitchen cabinets - 28 Replies October 10, 2014
    I need some help trying to ID if this is a Drywall screw. I think it is and the builder is saying it is not. The owner voiced her opinion very strongly that I could not back it out to look at it. My client who was birddogging me the entire inspection is actually the one who pointed it out to...
  • Odd steel construction on modular home - 4 Replies October 9, 2014
    I'm left scratching my head on a few things about this modular home I recently looked at. Home is located in a really bad flood zone, is elevated 14' and has a wood floor system. 2x8s 16" on center from what I can tell with double and triple 2x12 beams. Typical, rectangle ranch style home. Howev...
  • garage wiring - 27 Replies October 7, 2014
    I have an electrician pulling a permit for the detached garage wiring. We were discussing the wiring methods. I wanted to run the #12 UF (single 120v 20amp GFI protected at the main panel) from the house to the garage in PVC conduit underground. The electrician told me the AHJ will fail it citing...
  • An EIFS question - 17 Replies October 7, 2014
    This is a home built in 1999. One side of the EIFS looked faded etc... Is it a lack of paint/coating? I was under the impression that this stuff rarely, if ever needs "repainting". Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...s/robert jones/tn/tn_2014107214624_DSCN4978.JPG 4...
  • Chimney crack - 2 Replies October 7, 2014
    Looks like the chimney was rebuilt above the roof. Now has an insert with its own flue liner. Inside the attic there is a long vertical crack. Should I be worried about this out here in earthquake country?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...4216_...
  • Laminate flooring in winterized home - 13 Replies October 6, 2014
    We are considering installing a laminate floor in the kitchen of a Michigan summer home with a basement. It is an old drafty place that gets winterized every fall. Lots of damp rise from basement. I have concerns about the particle board substrate. Any thoughts?
  • How close can exhaust furnace pipe be from gas ln - 23 Replies October 5, 2014
    I have an 80% furnace. The furnace exhaust vent sits on the gas line.....is this safe? Thanks.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...mage.jpg 62.86 KB
  • ABS artwork - 9 Replies October 4, 2014
    Maybe he bills the job by the number of fittings he uses?In any case, the sinks drain rather nicely. Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/john kogel/tn/tn_2014104181658_ABSsculpture.jpg 60.24 KB
  • Exterior Brick Condition? - 6 Replies October 3, 2014
    My wife and I are considering buying a house and had a home inspected. One of the main things concerning us is his statement on the brick exterior. There aren't any weep holes installed and there seems to be a fair amount of spalling. The home owner tells us that there is nothing to be worried about...
  • New rules for builders - 1 Replies October 3, 2014
  • garage lighting - 19 Replies October 2, 2014
    My 24'x36' post frame garage is under construction. I'm planning the wiring and lighting. I'd like some opinions on the types of fixtures and bulbs I should use. The garage will not be heated so whatever I use needs to perform well in cold temps. I will be installing two groups of three way s...
  • Tulsa Inspector Needed - 0 Replies October 2, 2014
    A friend needs a recommendation for a Tulsa, Oklahoma inspector; for his daughter. Anyone?
  • CSST Lawsuit - Lubbock, TX ... Settled - 20 Replies October 1, 2014
    It appears the pending lawsuit against CSST manufacturers has been settled out of court.Case files will be closed and I would guess the push was from the manufacturers to minimize publicity.Such action just makes me much more cautious when I note CSST in houses I inspect.CSST Lawsuit - L...
  • An opportunity to voice your thoughts - 18 Replies September 30, 2014
    Been a while since I've visited but I have an urgent need. I'm working with the National Home Inspector Exam and have lost a couple of people who were helping with a bit of maintenance work this weekend.Some may already know but JD's brother passed yesterday and another SME had a medical issue...
  • Receptacles over electric baseboards - 7 Replies September 30, 2014
    Inspected a 1967 house this morning that had electric baseboard heat (12 zones!!). Almost every baseboard had an electrical outlet above it. I couldn't find an reference to when these were prohibited; anyone have a clue? I wrote them up as hazardous, of course.
  • What kind of critters? - 2 Replies September 30, 2014
    What the heck leaves this kind of stuff behind?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...17_C.JPG 56.93 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...36_B.JPG 28.66 KB
  • Stucco/window? - 7 Replies September 30, 2014
    Do these white streaks coming off the corners of the windows mean anything special. I know its a poor seal to have stucco-caulk-window with no casing bead.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...22_A.JPG 49.84 KB
  • Home Inspector Steals Bait Drugs - Gets Nailed - 2 Replies September 29, 2014
    According to an article published today on the website for the Basin Radio Network, a Gillette, WY home inspector has been arrested for felony possession of Xanax and Fentanyl. It seems thefts of prescription meds were occurring in homes for sale. The Campbell County, WY sheriff's department de...
  • Recommendation for a Tampa, FL Inspector? - 3 Replies September 29, 2014
    Client moving to Tampa, FL and building a new home.Wants a recommendation for a home inspector that can do that.Any suggestions?
  • What is White Powder from Weeps on New Brick Wall? - 13 Replies September 27, 2014
    Inspecting a new home in Austin TX. Very unusual amount of white powder coming from all the weep holes on this wall (but none of the other walls).I wonder if it's from water penetration during construction in our recent unseasonal and heavy rain storms. Does it suggest that the wall is no...
  • Identify this concrete floor material - 20 Replies September 26, 2014
    I can't recall what it's called. Saw it yesterday.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c..._044.jpg 111.25 KBThanks in advance.Marc
  • TR outlets recalls? - 3 Replies September 26, 2014
    I ran into a new house yesterday where most TR (Tamper Resistant) outlets were really, really difficult as far as inserting a receptacle tester.. I know how they work and such and such.. but these were unusually difficult... any thoughts?
  • Adding a Duct/Vent - 13 Replies September 25, 2014
    2/2, 1100 sq. ft condo located in mid-west coast of Florida.I am adding a duct run to cool/heat an enclosed 10'x12' patio. New 2.5 ton, 15 seer Rheem split system installed 4 months ago. Before the ac unit was installed I told the installer/owner that I plan to add a vent to the patio and to mak...
  • HI Artography - 3 Pics from multi-unit building - 8 Replies September 24, 2014
    Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_201492420746_stairs.jpg 30.74 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_201492420821_Windowe bars proof.jpg 31.55 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.co...
  • Let's hike above Chamonix France. - 2 Replies September 24, 2014
    Went for this little 4700 feet above town hike while over there. Some folks hop off here in their squirrel suits and pull the chute, hopefully, just before town.https://www.youtube.com/v/zZVg...AEJGRbzQ