• Melted Attic Vent Baffles - 5 Replies July 4, 2015
    Has anyone seen this during an inspection. Found 6 melted vent baffles during an inspection. Baffles were located in the garage attic area and main attic area. Home is located in southwestern Illinois. Temperature outside was 75 degrees - attic temperature was below 100 on the day of the inspect...
  • New High-Wind Construction Guides - 0 Replies July 2, 2015
    Something to look at on a rainy day.American Wood Council Wood Frame Construction Manual ? 2012AlsoNew High-Wind Construction Guides115 MPH Exposure B High Wind Guide115 MPH Exposure C High Wind GuideTo 160 MPH Exposure C High Wind Guidehttp://www.awc.org/standards/w...2012.php
  • Continuous Radon Monitor calibration service? - 4 Replies July 1, 2015
    I'm using Sun Nuclear 1028s. The only two calibration services I am aware of is Sun Nuclear in Florida and Bowser-Morner in Ohio. Are there any others? Both of these services take weeks to get the units back to me. Thanks.
  • Adding graphics into reports - 12 Replies June 30, 2015
    Is there a good resource or library of simple graphics out there somewhere? Or, do you just compile your own favorites from the interweb?Occasionally I need to add in a graphic to illustrate a point. Thanks
  • I need a little help with this plumbing mess - 5 Replies June 30, 2015
    This is from a phase inspection today and I'm not sure what to say about this loop in the waste line. I can see a much easier path that should have been taken and I really do not understand why they made a huge loop. Any thought, ideas or recommendations would be very helpful.Click to Viewht...
  • Dry well advice - 29 Replies June 30, 2015
    I am planning on installing multiple drywells for downspouts and a french drain system. I have not been able to find much guidance for projects with multiple drywells and drainage discharge sources.I have three downspouts and one french drain system going along the side of the house (total of f...
  • A new one for me. Little help. - 5 Replies June 29, 2015
    Alright guy's. Ran into a HVAC system that I have not seen before. Believe it is a Lendell although one of the other stickers states, Allstyle. This is a condo, built in 1998. Has a sprinkler system installed. Anyone familiar with this brand?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.com/foru...
  • Artography - Random - 4 Replies June 28, 2015
    Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_2015628224724_1000.jpg 53.48 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/mike lamb/tn/tn_2015628225419_lady Bus Stop jppgg sig.jpg 155.44 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjour...
  • What are these devises? - 6 Replies June 27, 2015
    Not sure what theses devises are, possible surge protection?. They're attached to both service masts, home has 2-200 amp panels. They are connected to smaller service mast in center, wish I would have taken some better pictures, any ideas what these are for. Wire insulation looks a little rough. ...
  • Ridge - 5 Replies June 24, 2015
    Why would the shingles be installed on the ridge like this?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...oads/Tom Breslawski/tn/tn_2015624151628_ridge.jpg 57.96 KB