• Deferred Maintemance - 1 Replies February 8, 2016
    Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/greg booth/tn/tn_201628111649_16RR8594A 010.JPG 38.3 KB..........two remarkable things about this morning's inspection. First - the owner said he didn't notice that the eaves troughs needed cleaning[:-paperba. Second, it's F...
  • footage of abandoned Hill Top Hotel Harpers Ferry - 1 Replies February 7, 2016
    I looked at this building from a distance many times while hiking trails on the other side of the river. I didn't even know it was abandoned.https://www.youtube.com/v/MYRqSSANSYc
  • Wanted: The Dec 2005 HardiPlank Best Practices - 9 Replies February 7, 2016
    Hi All,I'm currently fielding a complaint from a former client relative to JH siding wherein the customer is complaining about the fact that another inspector called out the lack of blocking, head flashings and drainage gaps around/above window and door openings on the client's home that is for...
  • Replace Bulldog Pushmatic with Square D Homeline? - 19 Replies February 3, 2016
    I've got a Bulldog Pushmatic panel right now, but am considering "upgrading" to a Square D Homeline. I don't plan on living in my place forever, and figure it could reduce the risk of a fail sale. What are the chances an inspector would call out the Pushmatic as being obsolete and recommending repla...
  • Vent terminal - 2 Replies February 2, 2016
    A new one for me.This is a vent terminal for a gas water heater.Uphill you can see the roofer's effort to divert a wide steep valley's focused runoff which cascades onto the roof a few feet up.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...oads/Jim Baird/tn/tn_201622222120_HP...
  • Outdoor seating - 1 Replies February 2, 2016
    Have a seat. Enjoy the mild weather. Seller met us to open the front door, but this was in the back.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...oads/Jim Baird/tn/tn_201622212159_HPIM5099.JPG 64.77 KB
  • I'm a first time guest, log time visitor - 2 Replies February 2, 2016
    I just want to say hello to everyone. I recently signed up and look forward to contributing.
  • garage door - 6 Replies January 31, 2016
    This garage door does not open fully. Can the pull arm be adjusted to correct this? Is the chain track too short? Whats happening here?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/John Dirks Jr/tn/tn_2016131221150_P1060828.JPG 44.45 KB
  • Rust on Compressor - 6 Replies January 31, 2016
    I have some compressors with a lot of surface rust. These are only 8 years old. Should I correct this or should I not worry about it. This is about 30 miles from the ocean. These are copeland scroll 25 ton compressors. This is just the bottom of the compressor and it is the worst area. C...
  • Deck - 37 Replies January 28, 2016
    The 2x4 cleats on these 4x4 posts are attached with deck screws. Is that ok?This is a basket case......Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...oads/Tom Breslawski/tn/tn_201612912529_IMG_0445.JPG 70.38 KB