• Oh look, another camera thread. - 27 Replies November 24, 2014
    Gonna snatch up a new waterproof camera. My Nikon won't focus anymore. What are you using these days?
  • Hot water baseboard radiator runs in floor joists - 6 Replies November 23, 2014
    I found radiators in the floor joist of a basement. It doesn't seem right, yet I can't find anything that says you shouldn't. There is a lot of mold in the basement, I can't say if this is an added effect of the radiators or just that the basement is pretty wet. If anyone has any information or an...
  • Horizontal venting requirements - 4 Replies November 23, 2014
    I'm installing a Sterling 75,000btu unit heater in my shop, what are CSA B149.1 requirements for clearances to windows. My vent will be approximately 12" away from the window going thru the wall than ending past the soffits. Sterling says you can terminate 12" away for inputs exceeding 50,000btu's...
  • Any northwest Washington guys know the story here? - 7 Replies November 23, 2014
    What are the specific problems in this development?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ds/David Meiland/tn/tn_20141123112851_11_22_14 002.jpg 64.9 KB
  • Shrinking Hardiplank? - 4 Replies November 21, 2014
    I returned to inspect a house that I inspected seven years ago when it was a year old. The gaps in some the Hardiplank joints have expanded to 1/4" wide, exposing the joint flashing. Some of the planks broke where they were face nailed. My photos from seven years ago show all the joints were tigh...
  • Broken trusses - 6 Replies November 21, 2014
    I found this interesting. Home was built in 1975. In the attic, along the ridge, the large majority of the metal connectors on the trusses were coming off or lying in the insulation. My only guess was roofers droping bundles on shingles on the ridge, but I found no cracked lumber. So I don't think...
  • Moisture breaks at posts - 12 Replies November 21, 2014
    I am have a discussion (argument) with the builder of a new construction I just inspected in Kirkland WA. What I said in my report - "Support posts are sitting directly on the concrete pier footings in the crawl space. The posts should rest in metal brackets above concrete piers or should be sep...
  • Build vs Buy Existing House - 7 Replies November 21, 2014
    Well, some of you may remember that we have land in the mountains of NC that we plan(ed) on building our retirement home on. We already have a Morton Building with both storage for our RV as well as an efficiency on the side. With our move to SC we are now only a little over 3 hours form the pro...
  • Ancient - Just ancient! - 4 Replies November 21, 2014
    Can't say I've seen one of these before. Piped into a clay tile chimney flue for exhaust.Wards Deluxe from Lakeside FoundryAny guess on how old?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...U118.jpg 49.39 KBClick to Viewhttp://www...
  • Don't see to many of these around here! - 17 Replies November 21, 2014
    Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...U084.jpg 32.44 KB
  • Missing sewer stack - 6 Replies November 20, 2014
    First time for me in not locating a main sewer stack in a home. There are AAV's at the drain(s) in the crawl space. Is this allowed?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...s/robert jones/tn/tn_20141120201141_DSCN5964.JPG 60.65 KB
  • Web masonry in crawl space - 23 Replies November 20, 2014
    I am buying a new house from a builder. The house is about to be closed. I found the masonry was wet after 0.35 inches of rain.Please see the pictures. They represent different locations. On the very same raining day, I checked the crawl space in my current 20 year old house. The soil and mas...
  • Cabinets, drywall screws? - 17 Replies November 19, 2014
    Are drywall screws allowed for installation from cabinet to cabinet?. I know they are not recommended for installation into the walls. Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...3130.JPG 45.44 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspector...
  • Has anyone heard of these SEO providers? - 3 Replies November 19, 2014
    My inbox is full of messages asking me to confirm my submission to these search engines or directories. Eight in the last two days (27 hours between first and last). I haven't even shopped for SEO services, let alone submitted my site or email address.Does anyone have any experience with trellia...
  • Cedar Siding Damage from what??? - 12 Replies November 18, 2014
    Your opinion?(40 - 50 year old house)Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...U020.jpg 49.5 KBCarpenter bees and wood peckers were busy elsewhere on this house.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...by/tn...
  • Concrete Foundation insulation - 1 Replies November 18, 2014
    I need a code reference for poured concrete wall exterior insulation. Ext foam 2". How do you treat the seams and what is an acceptable method of fastening material to wall?My discussion is regarding physical deterioration and protection, photo chem deterioration and how to seam/join to eifs....
  • Neutral and ground separation in remote panels - 9 Replies November 17, 2014
    I was talking with an experienced electrician today and would like some additional clarification. It was always my understanding that ground wires had to be separated from neutrals and bonded to panel in any remote distribution panels (aka sub panel). I was told by the electrician that it's only req...
  • new construction panel - 4 Replies November 17, 2014
    Lots of loose connections at breakers and conductors lodged at the side of the terminal screws instead of clamped underneath them.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/John Dirks Jr/tn/tn_2014111719405_P1010714.JPG 48.06 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspect...
  • Shared waste pipe - 4 Replies November 17, 2014
    This was found in a basement of a home we are working on. The waste pipe through the wall is connected to the next door neighbor's roof leaders and sanitary sewer pipes. The roof leaders and sanitary sewer pipes from the house above the basement are connected to the lower pipe. They join together an...
  • New construction - 11 Replies November 17, 2014
    This same condition 3 times in new construction."we'll fix it when we drywall." Seriously. Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/chad fabry/tn/tn_20141117141913_2014-11-17 13.18.31.jpg 59.25 KB
  • Clear Cover Next to Furnace Inducer - 4 Replies November 17, 2014
    Never saw anything like this clear cover to the left of the inducer. . .Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ds/jerry simon/tn/tn_20141117103038_Furnace Pict.JPG 62.72 KB
  • AC running during heat mode - 13 Replies November 16, 2014
    Todays inspection was a new home with gas fueled condensing furnace. I had not yet begun to inspect HVAC but while I was on exterior portion I noticed the Lennox 13ACX air conditioner running. Outside temps were 40 degrees so I thought it not good for the unit to be running. I went inside ass...
  • How would you vent this attic? - 11 Replies November 16, 2014
    7500 square foot building with soffit vents around the exterior and one large cupola in the center of the roof with vents on the side of the cupola.I'm thinking ridge vents would be a better solution.Your thoughts?Overviewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c..._2014...
  • Attic Sheathing Stains - 2 Replies November 14, 2014
    Any opinion on this black splotching on the underside of the OSB sheathing in an attic?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ds/jerry simon/tn/tn_2014111511336_Attic Stains.JPG 49.56 KB
  • Fire extinguisher - 1 Replies November 14, 2014
    What is a good type / brand fire extinguisher to keep in a detached garage? I don't mind spending a few bucks for something worthy of task.
  • Contract - 7 Replies November 14, 2014
    Hi Everyone I'm new to the forums here and just learning the business too. I'm trying to find out if there is a format for a standard contract that I could use or do you make the contract for your clients from scratch. Any help would be very appreciated.Thanks All
  • Water Heater for in floor heat - 2 Replies November 14, 2014
    Is a domestic water heater gas 50 gallon ok to use for in floor heat? this is all its used for
  • 80% gas furnace comparison - 12 Replies November 13, 2014
    Hi - which gas furnace is better carrier 58sta070 or Bryant 310aav036070?Thanks!!
  • Not even sure what to say! - 34 Replies November 13, 2014
    Sitting here reading this, and just trying to word something to this person, that won't completely insult them. Direct vent fireplace. "Missing fireplace blower, as part of the heating system: The gas fireplace has a recessed area behind a vent for a fireplace blower. None was installed. This...
  • Nice asbestos label pic - 13 Replies November 13, 2014
    One of the nicer labels I've run across.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/chad fabry/tn/tn_20141113121827_asbestoslabel.jpg 34.92 KB
  • Safety Rescue: Water Ice Rescue Tool - 4 Replies November 13, 2014
    This is neat ...
  • Help with solid fuel and gas (LP) in same chimney - 13 Replies November 12, 2014
    Hello folks. I have some questions for you involving how to safely vent both solid fuel and gas (LP) out of the same chimney.I know this is not code, but a lot of people still do it and some of them are licensed plumbers with small children (I know two such cases). (1) Can people give me so...
  • Electrical Service outside a weather head? - 15 Replies November 12, 2014
    1947 house. Saw this on this morning's inspection:http://i81.photobucket.com/alb...8e22.jpgruns to this:http://i81.photobucket.com/alb...c88a.jpgPossibly coin...
  • gas valve - 9 Replies November 11, 2014
    This sure looks like a globe valve. Are there any valves that looked like this that were approved for use on a gas line? Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/chad fabry/tn/tn_20141111221744_P1030008 (Large).JPG 36.62 KB
  • Safety glass? - 9 Replies November 11, 2014
    This is above the tub, but I couldn't find any kind of etching. So, not safety glass? Its got the no see through texture.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...iz111114 166 (Small).JPG 15.21 KB
  • Siding composition? - 15 Replies November 11, 2014
    Is this cement board siding?Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...iz111114 089 (Small).JPG 53.03 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...iz111114 088 (Small).JPG 40.33 KB...
  • natural gas airco furnace keeps cutting out over - 5 Replies November 10, 2014
    I have an old airco natural gas furnace with two burners that keeps cutting out in the middle of the night. So far, I have replaced the limit switch, thermostat, cleaned the pilot light, and checked the air filters which are clean. Someone told me it might be the thermocouple, but I'm not totally...
  • Industrious Eastern Subterranean Termites - 5 Replies November 10, 2014
    This is by far the highest infestation I've ever seen. This roof structure is about 70 feet above grade.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/Bill Kibbel/tn/tn_20141110203644_P1100901.JPG 44.69 KBClick to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...ads/B...
  • Fixing Fake Facebook Reviews - 7 Replies November 10, 2014
    I get really great reviews from customers and I take it oddly personally when I don't get 10/10 or 5/5. I want customers to to feel great about their decision to use me and tell friends and family, and yes, strangers on facebook.So... out of the blue I get 3 random reviews. 1 star. No comments....
  • Drop to a trap? - 3 Replies November 10, 2014
    Hi Guys,Just woke up and my brain is a little foggy this morning. Look at the photo; isn't there a restriction on length of an extension pipe to a trap - 18 inches or something like that This one is about three feet.Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c.../tn/t...
  • contractor overdue - 58 Replies November 9, 2014
    Way overdue. The guy said my pole garage would be done in 6 weeks. We are at 5 months and counting. Still need to pour slab inside and put vehicle doors on.I'm tired of playing nice and tired of waiting. Each time I call he says the end of next week. It comes and goes and he doesn't even ca...
  • Weird red gizmo on 220v well breakers - 7 Replies November 9, 2014
    Customer said he thinks his well is a "shared well", and this weird red gizmo is attached from the breakers back to the neutral bus. What the what?Anyone seen one of these before? My guess is that maybe it is used to sense when the neighbor is powering the well and prevents simultaneous voltage...
  • High Water Pressure - 15 Replies November 9, 2014
    The new-construction townhouse has a fire-suppression/sprinkler system installed, and the water pressure is 110 psi (as shown by the installed gauge on the suppression system). I recommended a pressure-reducing valve be installed on the house side of the water meter (but beyond/after the sprinkler...
  • Chicago Bears/Walking Dead TV Show - 7 Replies November 8, 2014
    Both are on at the same time tomorrow night. Any suggestions on how I'll be able to tell the difference between the two?
  • TLC's New Show: Buying Naked - 5 Replies November 8, 2014
    In Florida ...TLC's "Buying Naked" TV show
  • What is it? - 5 Replies November 8, 2014
    1939 Cape Cod. Located in the hallway at the baseboard. The handle moved, but didn't seem to be connect to anything. I was guessing some kind vent...Click to Viewhttp://www.inspectorsjournal.c...oads/ben h/tn/tn_201411892328_DSCN3855.JPG 28.64 KB
  • Need an Expert - 3 Replies November 6, 2014
    A friend of mine needs an experienced home inspection expert (defense) for a legal case in Westchester County, N.Y. Please PM me if you are interested and I will connect you with my friend.
  • Caulk sucker - 5 Replies November 5, 2014
    What kind of mouth breathing pot smoking house painter caulks the exterior of the top sash of 130 yr old wood windows!? I spent half a day breaking free three sashes. (Beats workin' though)Any ideas on how to release painted wallpaper from its hellish bond!?(That's s..t work)
  • radon test in Hamburg, NY - 7 Replies November 5, 2014
    I need someone to perform a radon test for a client in Hamburg, NY. Tom Raymond, do you do that?
  • garage heat - 13 Replies November 5, 2014
    Subject - 24x36 uninsulated post frame garage with vented soffit and ridge.I'm looking for a heater I can use to take the edge off the cold when I work inside the garage during winter. I think I like the following heater. Do you think this is enough BTU to serve my purpose? If not, what would...