KREIA Annual Education Pass


The Annual Education Pass is only available when joining KREIA or renewing your membership.


In 2007-2008 KREIA introduced the KREIA Annual Education Pass.  The KREIA Annual Education Pass covers admission to ALL KREIA events for the entire membership year of September 1st through August 31st.  The pass is only available when joining KREIA or during the membership renewal period.  (Aug-Sep of each year).


KREIA Members, and other licensed inspectors, may also choose to pay their admission to KREIA events individually.  Note that the cost is higher than the membership dues and education pass combined.


The KREIA Annual Education Pass cost is $160.00


The pass pays for the conference expenses, speaker’s fees, refreshments and meals at the conferences and other KREIA expenses.  It also allows the KREIA Board of Directors to provide better long term financial planning and budgeting for the KREIA Membership.


The KREIA Annual Education Pass is valid from September 1, until August 31, of the following year (the KREIA Membership Year..  The pass gives you admission to both the Fall 2012 and Spring conferences for that membership year.  Inspectors without the Annual Education Pass will need to pay for each conference separately.


Please consider purchasing the Annual Education Pass when you renew your membership. 


Membership year expires August 31, each year.

KREIA’s Board of Directors continues to work to improve the quality of education while reducing cost. To be fiscally responsible, KREIA needs to maintain a reserve fund to be able to absorb the impact of unforeseen issues. An example of this is the financial impact of a situation, such as the spring ice storm in 2003, ruining a conference, leaving KREIA with the bills but no participants.  It is the responsibility of the KREIA Board of Directors to keep KREIA solvent to assure its long term commitment to the membership. The KREIA plans and budgets support KREIA’s continued solvency.

We look forward to seeing you at KREIA Education Events & Meetings!


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