KREIA Credit Card Payments


No credit card information is collected or maintained on the KREIA website.

Clicking the “SUBMIT ORDER” button will transfer you to the US Bank Payment Solutions Internet Secure Gateway

for credit card information input & payment processing. You will be returned to the KREIA site after payment processing.

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Order Description Price
KREIA 2013-2014 Membership Dues AND Education PassMembership Renewal Dues AND Education Pass


KREIA 2013-2014 Membership Dues RenewalMembership Dues Only


KREIA 2013-2014 Annual Education Pass ONLYAccess to ALL KREIA education events

Only Available during Membership Renewal Period or when joining KREIA

KREIA NEW Member Dues & $30.00 Non-Refundable Application FeeJust the Membership Dues & Application Fee

Select the Education Pass above if you want it also.


KREIA Affiliate Member DuesDues payment for Affiliate Members ONLY


KREIA Member No Ed Pass Conference AttendanceConference payment if you didn’t purchase the Annual Education Pass when it was available.


Non-Member Conference AttendanceConference Payment if you don’t want to save $45.00 by joining KREIA.




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